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Cougar NDE Ltd. began operating at the Red Deer Airport in 1998 as a small aviation only NDT AMO to service a couple clients. We now provide all NDT services to over 40 civilian, Government and Military clients. We employ five full time and five part time technicians to accommodate our growing customer base.

Our lab is over 3000 sq. ft and located at the Red Deer Airport. It is capable of all NDE methods including x-ray for clients that ship items to us for NDE inspections. Our technicians are dispatched for NDT tasks to a variety of locations throughout Canada and overseas for onsite inspections.

Cougar NDE Ltd. clientele come from many aspects of the civilian and government aviation community. Operators include scheduled airline, cargo, charter, flight training, and agricultural companies, which fly large, medium and small fixed wing aircraft. Special operation clients include Forest Fire suppression, VIP transport, and med evac operators with large and medium aircraft. Rotary wing operators of heavy and light helicopters are also incorporated in our clientele list. Our military orientated clients provide flight training (MATS) and Combat Air Training (CATS) for the Canadian Forces.


We are a Transport Canada certified AMO. Our technicians have been dispatched throughout Canada and internationally as required.

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