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Eddy Current (ET).jpg

Eddy Current Examination (ET)

Eddy Current examination is a key inspection method utilized in the aerospace industry. Electromagnetic fields are introduced into a conductive material to reveal surface and near surface discontinuities (defects).  Material sorting and coating thickness are other benefits of the Eddy Current method.

Cougar NDE Ltd. is equipped for High Frequency (HFEC), Low Frequency (LFEC),

Bolt Hole (BHEC) and Rotary Bolt Hole methods.

Ultrasonic Inspection (UT).JPG

Ultrasonic Examination (UT)

Ultrasonic sound wave pulses are utilized to locate internal discontinuities/ defects in the item under test.  Thickness measurements/ corrosion evaluation are other benefits of the Ultrasonic method.

Cougar NDE Ltd. performs a variety of conventional and phased array Ultrasonic examinations with its large inventory of flaw detectors, transducers, calibration standards. As each ultrasonic procedure is component / equipment specific, please contact Cougar NDE Ltd. for details.

Bond Test.jpg

Bond Testing

After WWII the bonding of materials by means other than bolts and rivets became more popular. With the mechanism for bonding now hidden, it became necessary to find a way to confirm that the adhesives used were still holding years later. Enter Bond Testing, the cousin of ultrasonic inspection. Sound waves create a vibration in the test area and compare it to a reference standard for bond integrity evaluation.

Cougar NDE Ltd. has the latest in digital bond testing capability used on a variety of metal and composites.


Liquid Penetrant Examination (LPI) 

Surface discontinuities (defects) are revealed thru the application of a fluorescent or visible liquid dye to the surface of the item under test.  Utilizing appropriate dwell time (capillary action), excess dye removal, developer application, and ultraviolet light, surface defects will be revealed and evaluated against the applicable specification.

Cougar NDE Ltd. has a fixed LPI tank system capable of parts 48 inches in length. Mobile FLPI is also available for smaller and larger items.


X-ray Radiography (RT)

X-ray radiation is another NDE method used to reveal internal discontinuities (defects).  Radiation is introduced and density differences are recorded on x-ray film, developed and interpreted.  These shade differences allow technicians to peer into the hidden world within.

Cougar NDE Ltd. has mobile x-ray capabilities for both on and off-site x-ray examinations. We are Health Canada Safety Code 34 compliant.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT).JPG

Magnetic Particle Examination (MT)


Surface and near surface discontinuities (defects) are revealed thru the application of magnetism, fluorescent particles and ultraviolet blacklight on a ferrous material.  Particles will align along a linear break in the material. Under ultraviolet light, the particles fluoresce and reveal indications.

Cougar NDE Ltd. has a fixed MPI wet bench capable of ferrous parts up to 8 foot lengths. Portable MPI units are also available for on and off site FMPI examinations.


Transport Canada CAR Standard 571 Appendix K NDE Training

Transport Canada CAR Standard 571 Appendix K is a recognized qualification standard used primarily for clients in remote locations. This is performed on simple task NDE examinations against a known acceptance criteria.

Cougar NDE Ltd. has a proven NDE training program currently in use with a variety of civilian and military associated clients.  

This allows us to train individual clients to perform simple task inspections. Our Appendix K aviation NDE program has developed into the largest, efficient, most referred program in the industry. This program has been involved on numerous occasions through our client Transport Canada audits with no findings.

Bell 212 Main Rotor Grips.jpg

Specialized Services


Cougar NDE Ltd. offers the following specialized services:

  • Training program implementation

  • Quality Control / Assurance Assistance

  • Internal Auditing


Our CGSB Level II technicians have taken certified audit courses and are available for any of the above services.

T53 Combustor Housing.jpg

T53 Combustor Housing


Honeywell Service Bulletin T53-0144


Ultrasonic Inspection of the Combustor Turbine Housing

Cougar NDE Ltd. is certified under Honeywell International as an inspection facility.

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